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for legal professionals.

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Beccatron Studios is a full-service multimedia production company with an emphasis on web design, videography and logo design.

At Beccatron Studios, the design process is highly personal. Regardless of whether the end product is print, video, or web, we begin by discovering who you are. We strive to understand both your style and your values. Then we tell your story — and make sure your audience hears it.

With a focus on small to medium sized firms, Beccatron Studios can help you create a unique and memorable identity that fits your budget.

Media Services for Legal Professionals

Beccatron Legal, an imprint of Beccatron Studios, offers media & design expertise with legal industry acumen.

Photo of Rebecca Rebecca Rojer, founder & creative director of Beccatron Studios, has worked as a web designer since 2008. As the daughter of a litigator, Rebecca understands the world of law and the needs of legal professionals.

A Harvard graduate and an award-winning filmmaker, Rebecca is a skilled communicator with a talent for expressing complex ideas through compelling graphics and storytelling.

Recent Work

The Web Design Process

1. Discovery

We begin by asking lots of questions to learn about your history, your values, and your tastes.

2. Design

Once we have a sense of who you are, we start designing. We send you a couple mockups — static images of how your site could look. Then we revise these images based on your feedback.

3. Development

Once we settle on a design, we begin to code. Then we upload a demo to our servers, hidden behind a password. You can test drive your site on different devices and request final tweaks and revisions.

4. Deployment

We launch the live site. Depending on your package, we will generate starter content and update your social media accounts.

5. Documentation

We don’t consider a web project complete until you’ve received full documentation instructing how to update & maintain your site on your own.


As a full-service multimedia production company, Beccatron Studios offers services for web, video, and print. We can also help you craft a cohesive plan and identity for your brand across media.

When it comes to web design, Beccatron Studios specializes in custom Wordpress theme design & development, as well as handcrafted CSS/HTML. Drupal theme development is also available. All sites feature mobile-friendly, responsive design.

All services are priced at $75/hr. The following fixed-price packages and à la carte services, which cap the number of adjustments and revisions, are also available:

additional copy-edits and revisions cost $75/hr